Feb 11, 2022 • 8M

On Attachment Styles: Love is Complicated

Episode 001

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Fo Fera
A podcast for those with opposite attachment styles.
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Why is love so complicated?

This episode covers:

  • How I will be sharing in 2022 and beyond.

  • How attachment styles show up in relationship.

  • How Disney movies fucked my generation.


Close sounds like (clothes). Thank you French for that.

I do pause when I collect my thoughts.

On Human Design:

As someone who has know about my birth chart since 1997, the fact that Astrology is now trending is a bit excessive for me. As I know as much as I would like to know now about Astrology, I took 2021 to finally dive into Human Design at a comfortable to me pace. Personally, I like to read from Erin Claire Jones (her blueprint offering is dynamic) and complete personal work with Janelle Cepero.





Recorded under an Aquarius Sun and a Gemini moon, feeling like oversharing is my jam of the year.

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